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Arizona Couriers supports the many law firms and courts of Arizona with our professional legal courier services. For all your court filings, court document retrievals, and processing documents, our court runners are experienced in delivering legal documents in a rush manner. From courthouses to clerk’s offices, we’ll make sure your sensitive documents reach their destination safely, professionally, and with the greatest security.

What We Deliver

Our legal courier services specialize in the delivery of court filings, processing documents, court document retrievals, and other sensitive legal documents that you may need to have rushed to your local courthouses, clerk’s desks, and law offices. Take a look and see the various kinds of legal documents that we’re already rush delivering for the people of Arizona:

How it Works?

Arizona Couriers offers an immense selection of 24/7 same day delivery services to serve the people and businesses of Arizona. Take a look at the multitude of ways that our rush courier services are already benefitting the communities of Arizona all around:
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Legal Courier Services Overview

Our legal courier services can serve as your bulwark against legal deadlines and delayed casework. With Arizona Couriers, you can get your legal documents rushed out to the courthouses, clerk’s desks, and law firms that you need to reach in a matter of hours instead of waiting overnight or for days. Whether you have court orders, petitions, affidavits, or court document retrievals, you can count on our legal rush courier services to have those documents delivered in an absolutely professional manner, safely in their original condition, and with all due speed.

24 hours a day, 7 days a week—our legal courier services are conveniently available for whenever you require a rush delivery solution to keep ahead of your legal deadlines. We can even deliver your documents in as swiftly as 1 hour upon pickup if needed!

Your legal documents are paramount to the success of your casework and they should be treated as such. Our legal courier services are performed by our experienced court runners who know their local cities and district areas like the back of their hand. They’ll always make sure your documents are delivered on schedule as promised!

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